Gagging on the GOP Debate

Very Early Morning Thoughts: Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. I did not watch the GOP debate on Tuesday night. Why would one spend valuable time watching self-righteous liars continue to lie about the state of the country and Pres. Obama. Without question, in my lifetime, this is the worst group of candidates I have ever seen. IMO, ALL of them are racist, to varying degrees. Of course, we have the chief bigot, Donald Trump, headlining the event. It is truly disgusting. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to throw around the term “racist” without having some strong evidence or direct experience of an incident or personal assault. As one learns in life, some people just don;t like you and it has nothing to do with ethnicity or color of skin.There are over 6 billion people on planet Earth and we are certainly not going to “get along”. But why, oh why has Donald Trump decided to poison public life with this verbal bomb about Muslims? The answer may be unknowable, between him and his Creator. But what it has revealed is the stubborn persistence of the American stench called racism. I wonder about all the people Mr. Trump has dealt with over three decades who knew about his toxicity and tolerated it because of business reasons. People of genuine good will (and there are many in this country) need to be concerned about the smell that is in the air, the pungent fart that Mr. Trump has released. It will take many years of spraying noble air freshener to clear the stink. Peace and safety as you move forward on this day!


Another day, another shooting

The tragedy in San Bernardino is still unfolding as I write. 14 souls dead, 14 injured and hundreds traumatized. No one can be assured of safety when you venture out in public that someone with a gun is lurking, waiting to hunt humans. Disturbing times – hold the people you care about tight and close. Amen!

Last month of the year

The last month of the year, particularly here in the US is always crazy – people hustling to buy gifts, etc. I have never really enjoyed Christmas. It comes @ the most depressing time of the year because the sun is constrained to a few hours, it is cold. windy, generally dreary. I find the celebrations forced and phony. Some of the songs are genuinely depressing and dispiriting. Some of the drama over “happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” is amusing. None one should be forced to participate in the holiday celebrations – personally, I would rather be on a island collecting sun rather than saying “Merry Christmas” on December 25. Traditions may change over the years and they are changing to the dismay of some. Forced merriment is never good – when goodwill and cheer is honestly shared and felt, possibly there truly will be peace on earth and kindness to all – long time coming!!

Ben Carson

Note about Ben Carson – it is sad – Ben Carson IS a smart guy, has saved lives, is a role model for youth – have heard about Dr. Carson for 30 years. But whomever whispered in his ear that he should run for President was committing friendship malpractice. Like anchorman Jack Cafferty said about Sarah Palin, you should have SOME knowledge about public affairs before you run for office. Dr. Carson is edging into buffoon territory. He needs to rethink this adventure. Peace.

Early Morning Thoughts on American racism

Early Morning thoughts – Just like the post-Reconstruction period in the 19th Century, this country, we are making a major turn backwards when it comes to race relations. Frankly, we have been turning backwards for a very long time. Everyone can see it, but for purposes of pragmatism and expediency, no one is moving in a positive and humane direction. The most disturbing incident in recent years for me was the treatment of the young black female student in South Carolina. The fact that the police officer threw her to the ground like a rag doll was obscene beyond belief. I have been thinking about that imagery for several days – yes, I know the cop was fired – he should never have another job in law enforcement again – and yes, I realize that some students supported this fired cop – the fact is that we have accepted a certain level of inhumanity for black people is sick. But this was enshrined in the Constitution for black people to be considered as 3/5 of a person. Therefore, we receive 3/5 of basic human treatment. The ascent of Trump and Carson as presidential candidates is a dangerous development but has been LONG in the making. Anyone who truly cares about the humanity of EVERYONE should register and vote to ensure that someone as GROSS as Donald Trump will never have public office. But he is not the only one – there are many who are rooting for him – rooting for him to return America to the fake “Happy Days” of the 1950’s. Have a safe and productive day!

the third debate

Very sad spectacle @ the CNBC GOP debate. Very disturbing that we have this collection of candidates for the highest office in the land. Angry men and one angry woman – everyone seems so ANGRY. No joy, only anger. Not a good way to run for office or run a country!