Playboy Magazine – No More Nudes?

Hell has just froze over!! Playboy Magazine has just announced that there will be no more nudity in their magazine. Why the change? The internet! Like the old saying, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!! Seriously, this change is less for moral reasons than for business reasons. NO red-blooded male is reading the magazine for the nudes, which are relatively tame. I must confess, I have been a “reader” of Playboy since they appeared @ my dorm @ my Christian boarding school when I was 14 years old. The latest celebrity nudes and centerfold were a revelation for all young men at that time. But other for risque publications. then much later, the advent of free nudes on the internet took the air out of Playboy’s business plans. Playboy has featured terrific writers and DOES have great articles. In spite of the best efforts of the prudes on the right and left, Playboy has survived. Maybe now, people now can honestly say, they DO read Playboy for the articles!!(snickering)!!!1623732_699205286776623_485640456_n

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