WBAI Troubles

As I said, I will be sharing behind the scenes stories of my time @ WBAI. WBAI, according to some sources, is undergoing some severe financial stress. I don’t know how long the station will survive, but I have a feeling it will somehow muddle and limp through this latest crisis. It always has. As of this writing, I heard that one of the most successful and accomplished producers, Gary Null, will be pre-empted during the latest membership drive. This is not a good sign. WBAI is a listener-supported station, receives no federal funds. I have known Gary Null for over 30 years. When I started @ WBAI in 1986, I was hired to be his engineer on his daily health show. Years later, I hosted a show on his Progressive Radio Network. I have a great deal of respect for Gary Null, partly because he has survived in the toughest media market in the United States, New York. Furthermore, I can honestly say, he is one of the most open-minded people in broadcasting. When I was on his network,he never censored or restricted what I could speak about. I cannot say that was the case @ WBAI. To the contrary, there was an unofficial political line @ WBAI and one was expected to toe that line or your show would be moved or removed or you would face harrassment to leave. Many astute listeners knew that, but they liked some of the programming so they did not cause a stir. But to be clear, there was and still is an political line @ WBAI, a very-far left line. That is not to say that they don’t have a right to that line, but one should be aware of it.

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