TV complicity

Good Morning – Early Morning Thoughts
I am somewhat in awe @ the media for the toleration of the naked bigotry of Donald Trump. His racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, ablest personality is on full display. The man has no filter. How does he sleep with himself @ night? ALL of us have biases – we are human. All of us have said things that might be offensive to someone. But, my God, we have hopefully learned and grown to respect other people even if we have disagreements, indeed strong disagreements, This political season should be a teaching moment, but no one I fear is learning anything. I hope people are watching what is going on with Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. For the record, I loathe Sen. Cruz. Even his fellow colleagues loathe the man. Now for months, Sen. Cruz has refused to criticize Trump – indeed he has been toadying up to him, sniffing his proverbial backside in order to snatch his voters. And how does Trump repay the favor? Trump tells voters in Iowa that he does not know any evangelicals that come from Cuba! Yesterday, he repeats information that Cruz is not an American citizen because he was born in Canada. You don’t have to be fan of Cruz to recognize what this is -bigoted nativism. Fear of Latinos, brown people, the OTHER. I hope Sen. Cruz has the good sense to recognize what this is too. He may try hard to run away from he is, but as Malcolm X said a long time ago, as long as you are south of the Canadian border, some people are going to call you out. Sen. Cruz is a smart man, but he will be a fool if he does not hear the bullhorn bigotry coming from Trump! PEACE!!

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