Gagging on the GOP Debate

Very Early Morning Thoughts: Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. I did not watch the GOP debate on Tuesday night. Why would one spend valuable time watching self-righteous liars continue to lie about the state of the country and Pres. Obama. Without question, in my lifetime, this is the worst group of candidates I have ever seen. IMO, ALL of them are racist, to varying degrees. Of course, we have the chief bigot, Donald Trump, headlining the event. It is truly disgusting. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to throw around the term “racist” without having some strong evidence or direct experience of an incident or personal assault. As one learns in life, some people just don;t like you and it has nothing to do with ethnicity or color of skin.There are over 6 billion people on planet Earth and we are certainly not going to “get along”. But why, oh why has Donald Trump decided to poison public life with this verbal bomb about Muslims? The answer may be unknowable, between him and his Creator. But what it has revealed is the stubborn persistence of the American stench called racism. I wonder about all the people Mr. Trump has dealt with over three decades who knew about his toxicity and tolerated it because of business reasons. People of genuine good will (and there are many in this country) need to be concerned about the smell that is in the air, the pungent fart that Mr. Trump has released. It will take many years of spraying noble air freshener to clear the stink. Peace and safety as you move forward on this day!

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